Romanian horses desperately need help Petition

Saturday, 13 March 2010
Romanian horses desperately need help Petition

To: Romanian Governent

To the President of Romania and the members of the government.

We respectfully ask for your immediate support and cooperation to stop the horrible treatment of horses and other stray animals in Romania. Worldwide, people are horrified by the horse cruelty and shiver with indignation at such vileness. Stray animals are the responsibility of the government. Legislation must be instituted immediately to avoid such treatment. We urge the Romanian government in the strongest possible terms and all the persons who might influence such a decision to stop these abject cruelty by providing shelters where the abandoned horses can find refuge, food and the necessary care.

An indolent attitude of your government can bring shame and disgrace and it would be to the great advantage of Romania to put an end to the horrible treatment of horses and show the world that Romania is compassionate and civilized and has the ability to be a full member of the EU. We will prove your government that their own citizens and the rest of the world

will not go for anything less than a strong animal welfare policy.

To the president of the EU and the members of the Commission

As citizens of the EU, we need your help in protecting the abused horses in Romania. After all, they are since times immemorial our companion animals, service and work animals and family pets. There is no greater betrayal than this,towards animals who have served their owners and trusted humans for their care, to have their lives ended in complete abhorance. We insist that this cruelty and indifference be stopped immediately. This is a moral as well as a cruelty issue and we are insisting that you as legislators, take all necessary and efficient action to put an end to this mediaval situation.

You are the only persons who can force a breakthrough. As constituents of the EU that represent a huge majority opposing these atrocities, we are demanding that you exhibit an immediate and positive voice on behalf of these maltreated horses and donkeys, by putting pressure on the Romanian government in order to make them put to an end such abuses that are strongly disapproved by the public in the EU countries.

We thank you for the attention you will pay to this request.
The Undersigned


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