Pro-Active Baboon Management and Protection of Baboons Petition

Sunday, 28 March 2010
Pro-Active Baboon Management and Protection of Baboons Petition

After luring a baboon into a trap by using bread as bait, a Wilderness man fired about 20 shots into the animal, using a .22calibre gun. The baboon took about 2 hrs to die. Police called to the scene were so traumatised, they were unable to put the animal down themselves and called a professional hunter in to end the baboon's suffering. The man was arrested but only charged with firing a weapon in a residential area.

The SPCA is prosecuting the perpetrator under the Animal Protection Act for cruelty to animals.

Baboon Matters Trust believes that this and other
related incidents could have been prevented if
CapeNature (Responsible for nature conservation in the Western Cape) and SA National Parks implemented pro-active baboon
management into baboon affected areas.


The outdated belief that the only way to solve a problem caused by the inability of man to live alongside wildlife, is to eliminate the wildlife needs to be changed. Killing so-called “problem animals” does not solve the problem. It has been proven that pro-active management reduces conflict and helps solve the problem eliminating the need to hurt, maim or torture any animal.
We the undersigned call on CapeNature
and SA National Parks to:

1. Have stricter laws protecting wildlife from cruelty.

2. Prosecute this case with the harshest possible sentence.

3. Support the SPCA in helping to prosecute all cases of cruelty.

4. Immediate implementation of non-lethal management strategies such as Baboon Monitors, effective waste management and raising of education and awareness in conflict areas.

5. Protect South Africa’s baboons from being hunted.


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