In Defense of Animals Marine Mammals Campaign

Saturday, 13 March 2010
In Defense of Animals Marine Mammals Campaign
Seals in Canada Can Still Be Clubbed To Death
And They Need Your Help - Please Act Now,
And On March 15 – The Day Of Action For Seals in Canada

This month, the world’s largest slaughter of marine mammals is still scheduled to resume, despite the fact that an environmental disaster is naturally killing seal pups as you read this. Global climate change has resulted in barely any ice floes in eastern Canada which is critical habitat necessary for seals to breed, give birth, nurse their young and for the pups to gain strength in order to survive. If Prime Minister Stephen Harper does not intervene and cancel the hunt this year, sealers will kill the few remaining survivors. Please join IDA supporters and other compassionate people around the world by taking action today and on March 15 for a Day of Action for Seals in Canada. It’s important we spread the word to as many other people as possible as well.

For more information about the Canadian seal hunt, scroll down past the “What You Can Do” section.


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