Stop New Jersey from legalizing the hunting of cats! - The Petition Site

Friday, 19 March 2010
Stop New Jersey from legalizing the hunting of cats! - The Petition Site

Head off a potential reclassification of feral cats.

The state Fish and Game Council of New Jersey has condemned the idea of leaving cats in the wild and now another committee that reports to the state Department of Environmental Protection is studying the issue of TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) programs according to COLLEEN  STAFF WRITER/Daily Record MARCH 13, 2010

They want to have the cats reclassified! Currently the Fish and Game Council has no authority at all over domestic cats, and feral cats are domestic cats (species felis domesticus).

The N. J. legislature has given authority over all domestic cats to the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services, which calls TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) a facet of "the solution to the free-roaming and feral cat situation", and the NJ SPCA supports TNR as a method of humanely reducing feral cat populations.

According to council meeting minutes in 2007, Jeannette Vreeland, acting chair of the Fish and Game Council, asked if feral cats could be added to the list of animals that could be hunted! This week she defended the 2007 resolution.
The signers of this petition believe that the New Jersey Fish and Game Council cannot simply give itself authority to hunt cats!

The exotics statute states that it does not apply to species that are domestic companion animals or farm livestock. It applies to wildlife.
However, the New Jersey Fish and Game Council want feral cats to be hunted and shot down dead!
Please sign this petition if you OPPOSE the reclassification and hunting of cats in the State of New Jersey.

Thank you!


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