Help Free Rocky the Kangaroo from a life of Misery and Confinement

Wednesday, 31 March 2010
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The theme for this year’s USA Borderfest was 'Celebrating Australia". A 10 year old Red Kangaroo named Rocky (or Jack) was scheduled to perform 4 shows at the festival. These ridiculous shows would involve forcing Rocky to wear boxing gloves and shorts and have a staged boxing fight with his owner Javier Martinez while paying customers watched. Due to uproar from animal rights activists and the event sponsor Kraft Foods – the shows were cancelled.

Unfortunately, this was not the end of this cruel and unusual event - Rocky was set to perform in Kentucky later on in the month. Recent photos taken from that performance suggest Rocky aka Jack, is underweight and in poor muscle tone. Evidence also shows that Rocky is cruelly confined to a cage when he is not performing for the circus. He also has an open wound on his chest from being harnessed.

Please help free Rocky from this life of confinement and misery by sending a letter to the Rocky Show Circus requesting that Rocky be retired to an appropriate wildlife sanctuary where his needs as a kangaroo can be properly facilitated.

Simply enter the required details below and click send or write your own letter (please note that personal letters carry more weight). Please keep all correspondence polite and professional!


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