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Wednesday, 17 March 2010
Stop Wildlife Penning.Support NC SenateBill515 - The Petition Site

Penning is a highly controversial hunting event involving trapping wild game, such as foxes or coyotes. Wild game are subsequently released into an encaged area, like the 900-acre Tar River Fox Pen in Creedmoor, North Carolina where hunt dogs are trained to track and kill trapped prey.

Approximately 150 registered fox pens exist in North Carolina.

Recently, A missing mother of two children, sister to a brother, daughter, and loving friend, Kelly Currin Morris, was found ravaged in the aforementioned, Tar River Fox Pen, owned by James Ray of Creedmoor, North Carolina.

Although Ray is not a person of interest in the ongoing investigation, his fox pen, the largest in North Carolina, is the center of much controversy by local and state animal activists.

Media attention surrounding Kelly's disappearance 14 months ago and the location of her remains has resurfaced the controversial issue of Fox Penning in the state of North Carolina.

The North Carolina state director of The Humane Society United States, Amanda Arrington, says, "This [fox penning] is basically staged animal combat. The competition is, of itself, to judge these dogs, complete with trophies, prizes and how well the (dogs) can corner these animals and, often times, tear them apart. We want to stop the abuse. Fox and coyote are being trapped, often injured when they're trapped, taken to these enclosures where they're unfamiliar and then packs of dogs are released on them and they rip them apart and kill them."

Prohibit Wildlife Penning. What can you do?

"There is a demonstrated link between violence and cruelty to animals and violence towards humans. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies, when discussing serious violence to humans, often note that a history of violence to animals is a characteristic in the perpetrator. It is difficult to conceive of such unmitigated and unjustified cruelty as that exhibited in fox pen hunting." -- excerpt from petition Shut Down Cruel Fox Pen Hunts

Support NC Senate Bill 515 by saying No to wildlife penning. Contact your NC state legislature members in support of this initiative, specifically stating your support of NC Senate Bill 515, purposed to stop wildlife penning.

Email your NC Senate Members

Email your NC House Members

Volunteer your efforts and funding to Senator Ken Hunt in his initiative of Senate Bill 515.

Voice your concerns to the NC Wildlife Commission. mailto:wrccomments@ncwildlife.orgor call 919-707-0030
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Sign the Care2 Petition: Stop Wildlife Penning. Support NC Senate Bill 515

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