Help End Duck Shooting

Friday, 12 March 2010
Help End Duck Shooting

Have you ever been to the beautiful wetlands of Victoria, South Australia or Tasmania? Soon, many ducks will wish they had never gone. In a few weeks from now, these wetlands will become the scene of the 2010 duck hunting season and the place where thousands of ducks will be shot out of the sky.

State governments are permitting the shoot again this year even though native waterbird populations have already been decimated by drought and climate change. Waterbird numbers have declined by 82% across eastern Australia over the last 26 years.

Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia have already banned duck shooting due to the extreme suffering caused to birds. Not only will many ducks die, but roughly one quarter of all birds shot will escape wounded, and may suffer for extensive periods of time.

Please help us protect these defenceless birds and send a strong message to the premiers of Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, urging them to ban duck hunting.


Jaime said...

You can show your support by voting on a poll on the Victorian Governments website. Please register at

And click the PROMOTE (THUMBS UP) button to show you want an end to this cruel sport.

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