Tell China to enact the Animal Protection Law - The Petition Site

Tuesday, 9 March 2010
Tell China to enact the Animal Protection Law - The Petition Site

China is abusing, killing, torturing all kinds of animals.

Tell China to enact the animal protection law.

In September 2009, legislation was drafted to address deliberate cruelty to animals in China. If passed, the legislation would offer some protection to pets, captive wildlife and animals used in laboratories, as well as regulating how farm animals are raised, transported and slaughtered.

Still open are the precise details of the final legislation, and the practical aspects of enforcing the law.

We claim to:

* Make it illegal to slaughter animals by skinning them alive for their fur

* Make it illegal to torment animals before their death to make their meat tastier

* Make it illegal to try keeping animals alive whilst eating them

* Protect all animals against mistreatment and cruelty of any nature

* Introduce severe penalties to enforce the legislation

Help animals in China to improve their situation by signing this petition, make others sign it.

Thank your in the name of all suffering animals for taking the time to read this letter.


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