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Saturday, 20 March 2010
Help STOP the Hunting of Feral Cats in NJ - The Petition Site

We the undersigned respectfully ask you to dismiss the resolution to reclassify feral cats as proposed by Fish and Game Council member, Leonard Wolgast.

The public does NOT want feral cats to be reclassified, NOR do they wish to have feral cats hunted. Individuals support TNR as the HUMANE method of controlling feral cats and wish to see more TNR programs implemented.

History has shown us that eradication (catch and kill) or "hunting" attempts fail, because more cats quickly move into the vacated area and start the reproductive cycle over again. And, in most cases, eradication is counterproductive. In areas where feral cats are removed, the rodent populations explode, causing new %u201Cproblems%u201D to arise and further damage to ecosystems.

Why waste time and money utilizing OUT-DATED and CRUEL management practices to control feral cat populations, when rescue organizations are ALREADY helping to improve the situation and when HUMANE, NON-LETHAL methods of control exist?

We cannot change the mistakes of our past, but we can certainly change our future. If a species needs controlled in order to preserve another, then all humane, non-lethal methods should be utilized. In this day and age, everyone should be trying to instill more compassionate ethics towards the earth and all of its inhabitants. Please help us make a brighter future for feral cats, by supporting TNR.

Thank you for your time and your support.


Susan Golis said...

Intentionally killing a cat is a criminal offense. Anti-cruilty laws apply to all cats, companion, abandoned, lost and feral. Cities must stop hunting feral and stray cats, trap and kill is murder. Shame on you NJ...shame on You Joplin MO...where it is against the law to TNR and feed the stray and feral cats....killing cats is a Sin.

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