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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Dairy Farmers of Ontario
6780 Campobello Road
Mississauga, Ontario
L5N 2L8
Phone#: (905) 821-8970
Fax #: (905) 821-3160

We the undersigned are asking you the Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO) to immediately disconnect and remove the "Shock Bars"and "Tail Restraints" from your "Tie Stall" dairy cow barns in Ontario Canada. We find your practice of shocking dairy cows to keep them from naturally humping their back to Urinate and Poo totally unacceptable. In our opinion the practice of restraining the dairy cows tail so that she cannot naturally "swish" an itch or flies amounts to "cruel and unusual punishment", Quite like tying a humans hands and putting them in a fly infested environment. We understand that the "sole reason" for these "Barbaric" practices is the convenience of the Farmer and these practices do not contribute in any positive way to the welfare of the cows or the milk quality. This type of "torture" would NOT even be allowed in Guantanamo, you must end it NOW! Your ending these practices would require very little time an NO capital cost. Until you do end these practices, we the consumers of your milk products PROMISE to do everything we can to reduce our milk consumption.

Thank you for listening, ending these barbaric practices, and doing so in a timely fashion.

Boycott Milk!! -- End the "Guantanamo" for Cows - The Petition Site: "We are asking you to ask the Dairy Farmers of Ontario, and all Farmers of the world, to end the cruel and inhumane practise of using Electric Shock Bars over dairy cows backs which SHOCK the dairy cow every time the cow naturally humps her back to urinate or poo. At the same time, we are asking you to release the cows tail restraints so that she may swish flies and/or itches."


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