Namibian Seals still in Danger. - The Petition Site

Friday, 3 July 2009
Namibian Seals still in Danger. - The Petition Site

"It has come to our attention that the "business deal" between Hatem Yavus and "Seal Man" Francois Hugo is not a done deal and we are horrified that the innocent lives of thousands of Cape Fur seals is still very much at stake with their fur destined for the popular fur market in the Middle East and China.
Unless Francois Hugo ( ) can produce around $14million within days, the Sealers will go ahead with the scheduled slaughter. The Namibian Government remains unmoved by this event and insists that it has a constitutional right to do with its "resources" what it will to generate revenue for the country. With the population of Cape Fur seals facing extinction, this will not be for long. Please do not sign this petition if you have already signed our "13 Days to the Worlds largest Seal slaughter" as we will now combine those signatures collected and the ones raised with this petition, and forward them all on to the Namibian Director of Tourism and The Director of Environmental Affairs. The "business" of sealing is a complicated, ugly and a largely illegal affair and it seems our only course of action is to pressure the Namibian Government directly by pledging to boycott tourism to that country unless this barbaric and unsustainable culling is halted...forever! Please email your activist agencies to get involved and spread the word, as well as to friends, family and groups. Besides this petition, which will reach the international community, I will be urging friends and groups here in South Africa to email the Namibian Ministers directly. Please do not give up on the Namibian seals!
In hope,
Jen and Friends"



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