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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Stop the Gassing of Shelter animals in Texas - The Petition Site

My goal is to stop the practice of euthanasia by gassing for ALL shelter animals in the state of Texas.

If your heart will allow it, you should do a search, for video on the web, that shows the results of being gassed to death. It is heartwrenching to watch.
Some of the larger animals are still alive, when they come out of the kill box. They are still breathing, or struggleing to breath. The animals, cry, scream out loud and claw and climb on top of each other trying to get out.
It is Horrific to watch.
For any and all of us to stand by and NOT try to do SOMETHING to stop this barbaric practice is appalling.

Often, animals who are put down are lost pets, and were not claimed before their mandatory hold period expired. This happens for many reasons - pets get lost while their owners are on vacation, on business trips, etc. Sometimes pets have traveled so far from home that their owners aren't even searching in the right shelters.
Many pets escape the yard. Some are strays and some, the owner can no longer care for in this economy and are owner surrender, or abandoned on forclosed property.
Must these pets die in this awful fashion because their owners did not retrieve them? Or because they were not adopted from the shelter? Would you want your pet to die that way?
In todays current situation, more and more pet owners, are turning their dogs into the shelter, or turning them loose to be picked up as strays.
Convicted murderers are put to death by lethal injection, but not our faithful companions. How does that really speak of us?

Even though a majority of the shelters in the state use euthanasia by injection, several still use outdated, inhumane gas chambers. Shelter workers overwhelmingly wish to hold and comfort a frightened animal in its final moments of life. That act may be the only kindness the animal has ever known.

The American Humane Association considers euthanasia by injection to be the only acceptable and humane means of euthanasia for animals in animal shelters. They do NOT think gassing is an acceptable means.

Such outdated practices also create public outcry and demean the purpose of an animal shelter.
Space is so limited in Texas shelters that animals don't have much time. Many shelters are currently overflowing...but that is another petition.

They say, just one person, can make a change, well I can only start the change inititive, I really cannot do it without YOU.

The more signatures, the louder the voice for the animals. Help put a stop to this horrendous act of cruelty. Please foward to everyone you know, who may be willing to sign. If you live in Texas,please be sure to include your zip code signing the petition, it will be very important if they want to verify your signature. Please join me on Facebook and youtube PLEASE Be sure to RATE the youtube and feel free to leave your thoughts there also. Remember, this is what we are going to send to the Governor of Texas. We have to be rated so we can go higher in ratings and get some well deserved attention.
Thank you so very much.

"The quiet conscience is the invention of the devil. Not one of us should permit any preventable pain to be inflicted ...even though the responsibility for that pain is not ours. No one may shut his eyes and think that the pain, which is therefore not visible, is nonexistent."
Albert Schweitzer


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