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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Save the Philippines from Greyhound Racing. - The Petition Site: "At the present time, there are two bills making their way through the House and Senate namely, Bill 5291 and Bill 5648. Both bills seek to establish Greyhound racing in Cebu and Luzon respectively. Their proponents tout Greyhound racing as an economic stimulus providing jobs and raising the standard of living in the immediate areas. But, historically, the opposite is true. Moral decay, crime, and hideous animal cruelty has been the norm. If both bills become law, the only beneficiaries will be the Fox New Millemium Amusement Club Inc. (FNMACI, Bill 5291) and the Southeast Asia Greyhound Racing Club Inc. (SAGRC, Bill 5648).

Thirty-six of the fifty American states prohibit Greyhound racing, and more tracks are folding across the country. Profit and attendance are down. People are simply no longer interested in Greyhound racing, a direct result of failed economic promises and the exposure of horrendous animal cruelty practiced in the business. Guam, just recently, ended their dog racing practice. New Hampshire closed down their tracks for good last month. One might ask, why is there an attempt to embrace something that others are hurriedly rejecting? Filipinos deserve better. The Philippines need not be the trash bin of the world.

Surely, the time and initiave of some legislators were wasted on these bills. Their ingenuity could bear better fruit if applied on more pressing matters like the establishment of a government-funded spay and neutering program. There are an estimated 3.2 million stray animals in the Philippines. Just look out your window if you're in the Philippines.

Here are twelve specific reasons, practical and humane, why these bills must not become law:

1. Behind all the sugarcoating and fanf"


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