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Saturday, 11 July 2009

FREE STU! Wrongly Impounded for 4 YEARS! - The Petition Site: "Stu's case is now in the Court of Appeals. Jeff has acted as his own lawyer for the last year and the case is fully briefed to be argued this Summer before the Second District Court of Appeals in Los Angeles. To see the case info go to and enter Case No. B202071
For updates, see Stu's MySpace page

Tell the Commissioners, who know very well that Stu did not receive a fair hearing (he was denied requested witnesses and denied the opportunity to be evaluated by Dr. Richard Polksy, who did finally get to evaluated Stu in September 2006 and found Stu to be NOT DANGEROUS. HIS CURRENT CARETAKER, Bobby Dorafshar-expert trainer SAYS STU IS NOT DANGEROUS and has told the city this. There is evidence missing from the court records which was botched by the Deparment of Animal Services. These 4 pages would save Stu's life, but Stu's Dad cannot get the Court to consider them.

The Board of Commissioner must act NOW to inform the Court that Stu is not dangerous and that the record before the Court is defective. Tell the Board to own up to their mistake and give Stu a new FAIR TRIAL. I Jeff loses in court, Stu will be killed by Ed Boks."



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