Secret footage of the Namibian Seal killing 2009

Friday, 24 July 2009
Secret footage of the current Nambian seal cull, it is very upsetting to
watch but in order to help them we need to get this out there for all to
see. Please distribute widely.

Bart Smithers, film maker extraodinaire, has despite being beaten up,
arrested and thrown in jail, managed to get out footage of the Namibian seal

The footage can be viewed here:

Please be aware that the footage is upsetting and traumatic. However, it is
incredibly important to get this out to the world. This is the only new
footage which is available. The last footage which was release was back in
the late nineties beginning two thousands when Namibia threw open the doors
to let the media see how "humane" the killing is. After that, there was a
complete ban on anyone witnessing the process.



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