Sunday, 26 July 2009

STOP EXTERMINATE ALL CATS IN SINGAPORE - The Petition Site: "(There is a response from the Town Council only after we had sent out a few emails, requesting for the reply and appropriate course of action. Do you see any logic to their reply?)

Dear all animal lovers,

We are the residents staying in Jurong West St 81, SINGAPORE. Recently the town council (in charge of maintenance of property) at our area is exterminating all cats. Their aim is to achieve ZERO CATS in the estate as as proof that they are effective team.

We tried to negotiate but our voices and appeals were not heard. We tried to locate our cats but they asked us to forget about it and this event was over. The Town Council did not send the captured cats to relevant authorities which are Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore and SPCA, but some unknown areas which they refuse to reveal.

We suspect they might had been killed by the Pest Control Team. Thus, We will be meeting the Member of Parliament. The location is Jurong West St 91, Blk 953 #01-603, meeting time: 7.30pm 14/7/09

We are appealing for the cat lovers all over Singapore and the World to lend us your support by attending the meeting and to get more signatures or click. We need more people or signatures or click to demonstrate that this is a serious matter.

Course of action we are looking at:
1) Stop unnecessary culling of cats.
2) The location of the captured cats being disposed to.
3) The Authority recognises the right of the animals
4) Supports the program of Sterilisation

Please attend the meeting if you can and to those overseas animal lovers, please support this program

Thank you for your consideration.


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