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Sunday, 26 July 2009


We have all been given life, humans and non-humans. Our hope is to die and be buried with dignity. Well, this weekend this sweet dog did not get that dignity. She was dumped off at a dumpster(not in the dumpster), she was put in 2-3 heavy duty trash bags and wrapped in a heavy blue blanket; not sure if she was taped up or she died of other causes. She was dumped off at County Home Learning Center N183/ Balconies Drive(near Balconies Country Club). Was she abused? Did anyone love her? If someone did love her why did they dump her like trash, wait, they did not even take the time to put her in the dumpster. I called AC and the police, unfortunately no-one could/would do anything for this poor dog. Every entity had an excuse/reason. This is sad for Travis County. May this precious dog rest in peace.

The Detective is dismissing this case as just a decomposing animal. She feels the someone's dog died over the weekend and they did not have any where to take her and Animal Control would not pick-up until Monday; so they dumpted her at the dumpster. I don't feel that is case, I think there is more to this and the detective is just passing this poor dog by.


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