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Saturday, 4 July 2009

STOP Feeding Farm Animals Manure - The Petition Site: "The practise by many US and world livestock producers of feeding Poultry excrete (manure) to their animals as a low cost feed and/or protein supplement is truly repugnant, grotesque and cruel. It flies in the face of anything which could be considered 'safe, ethical, humane or natural' treatment of animals!

"We really really need your help to put an end to the CRAZY practise of feeding animal feces to the animals that produce and are our food!

FDA final ruling allowing the feeding of poultry feces to livestock

There is a section here which OK's the use of poultry manure/litter for use in animal feed in the U.S.

Please read this and ask your local farmers, food suppliers and your politicians to correct this threat to your, and the animals health before the inevitable "plague" causes total economic and health chaos. This is truly an opportunity for YOU to make a difference.

This disgusting, cruel and dangerous feeding practise is banned in Canada, the statement below is excepted from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's Documents (CFIA) at:

"The quality of any source of poultry manure may be affected by its processing. Inadequate heat treatment may contribute to the exposure of animals to pathogens. There is the potential for residues of microbial pathogens, drugs, and other chemicals which may harm livestock or result in the transfer of violative residues in animal products, e.g. , meat and milk, to humans.

What are the safety concerns associated with using poultry manure and litter as a feed ingredient?

Concerns are of a dual nature. That is to say, there is concern for both the health of the animal ingesting the feed and for food safety as humans eating the edible end products of these animals may be exposed to contaminants. Safety concerns are varied depending on the source of poultry litter and manure. There is also potential for pathogenic microbial contamination, i.e. , bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli and Clostridium botulinum. The transfer of residues of drugs approved for use in poultry may result in residues in manure and litter. Other concerns include chemical contaminants such as heavy metals and pesticides which may accumulate in poultry waste products."

Given the above quote from CFIA, I am left with only one conclusion to arrive at --- US chicken feces, metaphorically, does not "stink" --- you and I both know this is utterly ridiculous, and pure nonsense.

What should be noted here, and is totally uncomprehendable to me is that even with our Canadian Governments ban on the feeding of feces to livestock in Canada, and their warnings, our CFIA still allows over 250 million pounds of US beef to be imported into Canada each year.

This Advocacy ties in directly with my advocacy to end the feeding of Arsenic to poultry and pigs -- You see the loop ... Arsenic to poultry ... poultry manure to cattle ... cattle meat, blood and bone byproducts to chickens. My other petition here at Care2

There is a lot more info on both topics at my blog please feel free to check it out --- feedback is appreciated -- contact me at

Thanx for caring!


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