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Sunday, 26 July 2009
Remember McLovin - Remove the Chief of Police - The Petition Site

Please join the cause to remove a law enforcement official who displayed a gross abuse of power by murdering a family dog. Please visit this link ( to read the story, view the story that the news station in Indianapolis aired, and read the posted comments from the outraged citizens of the small town of Rushville, Indiana and fellow outraged citizens. For the citizens and innocent animals in this town, please, please, sign the petition to remove this man from the office of Chief of Police. This gross abuse of power, act of cowardice and the lacking of the appropriate ability to assess a situation will not stop in law enforcement unless people speak out. For the record, this is not a general statement to cover all law enforcement officials or all members of the Rushville Police Department. There are some damn fine officers on that force and forces around the country. This is a statement against those who are corrupt and feel that wearing the uniform makes them above the law, those like this man. UPDATE: The local newspaper FINALLY published a story to defend the chief's position on the shooting. The Chief is having a hard time keeping his stories straight. Please read the local story to see how his account differs from his interview with the Indianapolis new station. It's disagraceful.


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