Don't Kill Boston's Zoo Animals!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Governor Deval Patrick, in a line item veto of the proposed 2010 budget for Massachusetts, cut funding for the Franklin Park Zoo (New England's largest zoo) and the Stoneham Zoo by over 61%, from 6.5 million to only 2.5 milliom. According to Zoo New England, which manages the zoos, such drastic cuts could force the zoos to close, and as many of 20% of the animals currently at the zoos could be killed because officials are unlikely to find new homes for them. (Read more in the Boston Globe)

It would be a travesty and an outrage for the state of Massachusetts to allow these animals to be killed because of budget difficulties. We know that economic times are tough - but these are innocent animals, confined to these zoos by humans. These animals should not suffer for our inability to manage our money.

Whatever your feelings are about zoos, please stand up for the lives of these animals and insist that the state of Massachusetts either restore the funds for the zoos immediately or ensure that ALL animals are relocated to sanctuaries to allow these majestic creatures to live out their lives in peace.



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